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Make Your Wedding Guests Feel Like VIPs with an Airport Limo Pickup

Yes, it’s your wedding, but you want it to be a special day for everyone. One of the first things you probably arranged is for the wedding limo service for the bride and groom on the big day. Perhaps you've also made plans for hired cars to transport the wedding party to the chapel or reception. But the wedding celebration really starts way before the walk down the aisle. A wedding is about your whole community of friends and family gathering, sometimes at great expense, to celebrate with you. You may be so overwhelmed as the day draws near that you don't have time to take care of the niceties, but you can plan a few things in advance to reciprocate and honor them.

One simple and sure way to make the out-of-town members of the wedding party feel special is with an airport pickup. Now, you and your local crew is going to be crazy busy, and sending someone will most likely mean a frantic drive in the middle of all the other plans. So hire a limo service that does airport pickups to collect your friends and family on arrival. Let a professional hired car service like Luxor Limousines not only take away the stress, but deliver a first-class welcome, setting the tone for an unforgettable wedding that everyone will remember fondly.


1- Make sure the hired limousine company does a meet-and-greet airport pickup at baggage claim or customs. Nothing says “VIP traveler” more than a chauffeur with a sign for the party waiting arriving.

2- Make sure the driver will be professionally dressed. The effect is ruined if the person waiting looks scruffy.

3- Make sure the driver speaks English (or whatever language your party speaks.)

4- Make sure there will be refreshments if your guests are coming from far away.

5- Find out how much luggage is involved, as different vehicles have different capacities for handling bags.

If you can schedule the arrivals to coincide, a comfortable limo or party van where everyone can wait in comfort and enjoy each other’s company while awaiting the last arrivals. And if by chance you have the time to go out to the airport to meet someone special, rather than drive yourself, ride the limo yourself and spend the drive into town toasting to your friends and your future.

Luxor Limousines provides premiere luxury hired car and shuttle rentals for greater New York, NY, New England, and the globe. Try our 24/7, one-stop shopping services for airport shuttles, party vans, stretch limos, or personal chauffeured business around town anywhere, any time by using our online reservations tool at or by calling 718-998-4111 (outside NYC call toll free:866-998-4111)

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