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Most Romantic Spots in NYC

Many people come to New York City to find love, but once you find that special person, where should you two go to enjoy each other’s company? After you’ve made a reservation at one of the most romantic restaurants in NYC, make sure to plan an equally special activity to spend quality time with your better half. Here are five of the most romantic things to do in NYC:

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Especially when the cherry blossoms are in bloom, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is a wonderful place to walk around and enjoy nature. Much like your adoration for your date, it’s the perfection place to see all that’s growing. There’s also a beautiful sprawling lawn where you can sit on the grass and reminisce or simply have some quiet, valuable one-on-one time away from the noise of the city.

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Jane’s Carousel

For a more historical experience, head to Jane’s Carousel. The carousel is set on the East River in Brooklyn Bridge Park and has been featured in various magazines, such as Travel + Leisure and televisions shows like Glee. Created in 1922, this gorgeous carousel consists of 48 carved horses and two chariots. Pay the cheap $2 per person ticket to hop aboard and take in the sweeping views of the water and Brooklyn Bridge. Plus, once you’re finished with your ride, the stroll along the water is wonderful for a romantic rendezvous, especially at sunset.

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The High Line

If you want to see the city from a different perspective, the High Line is a wonderful place to walk along while taking in eastward and westward views of the city. With the option to start (or end) at the Whitney Museum, the High Line is not only rooted with gorgeous eco-friendly plants, but also tons of art and artistry. The middle of the High Line offers a few small treats, sustainable clothing, and eateries as well as a place to sit down and relax for a bit if you wish.

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Hayden Planetarium

Located within the American Museum of Natural History, the Hayden Planetarium highlights the latest advances in the universe and showcases cutting edge astrophysics. What more romantic way to spend an evening than looking at the stars? Take in the view of the night sky with your sweetheart for a lovely, low key evening that’s sure to be unforgettable.

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Rock Center Ice Rink

Ice skating is one of the most romantic things to do in NYC, and the Rock Center experience is no exception. Right off of 5th Avenue, this legendary rink is a lovely tradition that your loved one will certainly enjoy. Though the lines can sometimes be quite long, you may make your date feel special by booking advanced reservations to skate through their VIP Igloo program (freshly baked cookies included!) and soar past the lines.

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