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Most Wanted NYC Residences For Business Travelers

What defines a great establishment capable of creating a perfect atmosphere for anyone who is visiting the city for a business meeting or briefing of any sort?

It should be a hotel with a modern interior, adjusted for providing world-class service and a sense of privacy and versatility for relaxation in between daily tasks for the business travelers.

Ushering directly from any of the airports located in the city, we strive to provide anyone in need of a safe and leisure ride to their accommodation.

Receiving a seclusion treatment that you desire, to concentrate on your work or simply to make plans is what our regular corporate travelers emphasize as our great advantage.

Led by experience throughout the years, we summarized a list of most wanted hotels favorized amongst our clients.

The Langham / Fifth Avenue


As the Manhattan skyline spreads with it follows the imposing range of some of the finest hotels around. Located in the core of a landmark area such as the Fifth Avenue - The Langham is almost certainly an illustration of a modern art architecture masterpiece. At the spot of a collision between Bryant & Madison Square Park, it gives a pleasure of a perfect inner-center location with yet a great deal of peaceful pace of the city. Not more than half of an hour away from La Guardia and Newark makes Langham a great choice for any kind of corporate visit or leisure stays.

Other than an enchanting interior that is crowned with a private art collection, they are associated with some of the finest choices for gourmet cuisine or a preferable nightcap at the bar area. Given the status of a 5-star establishment, the prices variate during the period of times. What stays unchanged is the possibility to relax when given some free time in the luxury spa area ''Chuan Body & Soul'' or at a fitness center. On top of it all, they can host any sort of business events or seminars in a spacious venue created for those purposes.

Nearest airports:

Newark Liberty International Airport (app. 15 miles)

LaGuardia (app. 10 miles)

Marriot Marquis / Broadway


If your blood is a little thicker, and you enjoy involving yourself in the center of the city's pace, then Marriot-Marquis is a great choice for your professional visit.

Founded and designed by John Portman in the late '80s this prestige hotel is a history-keeper of a couple of historical theatres that used to exist at that same spot

( Morosco, Bijou, Gaiety Theatre..)

As it stands in the area that is nothing less than an outstanding piece of cultural and tourist attraction, it would be impossible for it not to be special. Of course, the thing that would satisfy you the most is the revolving restaurant ''The View'' based on the 38th floor of Marriot.

It is located on one of the higher floors, where you can enjoy a solitude meal or have a dining meeting with one of your associates - while glancing at the city's skyline in a well-paced movement of the restaurant that you would acclimate to just fine.

You could be put out in a big dilemma having to choose between their famous Lobster Gnocci or Colorado Lamb.

The hotel is equipped with a 24/7 fitness center with many amenities that could be useful for blowing off some steam until your next business tasks occur.

But, if you would like to complete some of your assignments without having to leave your residence, you can always inquire about many of the event rooms and conference venues that are dynamically suited for meetings and other activities.

Nearest airports:

LaGuardia (app. 12 miles)

Newark Liberty International Airport (app. 15 miles)

The William Vale / Brooklyn


One of the youngest members of the Vale Park skyline is definitely an outstanding corner of modern and extraordinary service approach. Elevated in an up and coming vibrant area of Brooklyn, it represents a certain alternative to a common kind of hotels based in the city's center. With a view of the river bank and the silhouettes of Manhattan ''The William Vale'' is commonly referred as the ''closest escape from the crowded concrete''. It is embraced by a 15.000sq of a modern promenade, in an area that is becoming more and more recognized for its local shops, bars, and speakeasies.

What gives it a taste of a perfect business leisure accommodation is the fusion of modern geometrical merging along with spacious rooms with private balconies and a big outdoor pool deck that is a right answer to the warm weather throughout the summer.

The on-site parking lot is very spacious and easy to use, all in the purpose of letting the guests manipulate their free time as well as their tasks for the day.

Nearest airports:

LaGuardia (app. 7 miles)

JFK International Airport (app. 14 miles)

All of these hotels are New York's response to a vast and busy everyday life, constructed for people with needs of managing their time precisely and business acquaintances.

Luxor Limo follows the same manifest of traveling and leisure that makes long-flights, delays, and jetlag seem that much easier for you to reach your residence or achieve your daily obligations in the comfort of one of our special luxury vehicles.

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