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New Year's Eve in NYC

We’re now just a few days away from the end of 2014, with many of us looking forward to the year ahead, but also planning to have one last hurrah before this year is written in the history books. So whether you’re heading out to a party with friends or family, watching the ball drop in Times Square, or hopping from pub to pub this New Year’s Eve, here are some statistics on what to expect.

New York City

Let’s face it, New Year’s Eve is the biggest celebration day of the year, and it seems that Times Square is essentially “Party Central” for both New Yorkers and visitors. In fact, roughly 1 million people will be converging on Times Square for this year’s celebration, with up to a billion watching the festivities from their homes and parties around the world. Extraordinary, isn’t it?

The Weather

The 1 million making the trip to Times Square this year can expect to be fighting temperatures around 33.7 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the average temperature in New York at 12 a.m. on New Year’s Eve. However, with all of the moving bodies, and the 2,000 lbs of confetti being dropped as 2014 rolls over into the New Year, it’s pretty likely the temperature in the Square may be several degrees warmer.

The Ball Drop

The reason for the celebration, apart from it being an extraordinary social event and party, is to watch the Times Square Ball finally finish its journey, and declare 2015’s arrival. Here are some interesting facts about the Ball itself:

The first time the ball was used to commemorate New Year’s was 1907

It descends 141 feet over the course of 60 seconds

The ball is made up of 2,688 Waterford Crystal triangles

Total weight: 11,875 pounds

32,000 LEDs give the crystals a reason to shine

The Booze

Yet, those celebrating at home certainly won’t be left out in the cold, as there will be 360 million glasses of sparkling wine being served among families, friends and guests this year. And interestingly, 25% of all the wine sales occurring during an average year happen between Christmas and New Year’s Day – obviously a lot of prepping for the big night!

Getting To and From the Party

If you’re planning on heading out this year, either to Times Square or elsewhere, you’ll definitely be interested in what kind of experience to be expecting. This time last year, plenty of New Yorkers and city guests were not only surprised at the wait times for cabs, buses and other transportation services, they were shocked at the “surge pricing” happening among companies hauling partygoers to and from their destinations.


Surge pricing is the practice of increasing the rates of a service or product at certain times of the year, and unfortunately it typically occurs during the holiday season. Last year, Uber was absolutely the winner in the surge pricing game, with many riders complaining on social media about the astonishing spike in fares.

The Subway

If you plan on going about New York by subway, expect to be shoulder-to-shoulder with an enormous number of people. Even MTA is cautioning riders to get their tickets early, and have also sent out warnings that the exits at Times Square may be closed leading up to the event. Additionally, many of these services will be running on weekend schedules for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day – even with the expected rider turnout.


If you’re downtown, you likely won’t have too much trouble hailing a cab, unless you’re part of an en masse exodus out of Times Square. But in other parts of the city, expect a 20 minute wait time– minimum. According to a New York City Taxicab Report, New Yorkers rate taxicab services as a 6.2 on a scale of 1-10 for quality, which surprisingly is even less than the ratings they gave for subways and buses. Satisfaction for NYC taxi service plummets below public transit in key areas such as – availability, value, safety, and driver knowledge and courtesy.

Private Car Services

Private car companies lead the way, ranking highest overall (and in every category) among those serving home and corporate partygoers in New York City. A big part of this is due to the higher standard many private car companies hold themselves to, with Luxor Limo setting the bar with its young fleet of stylish, comfortable vehicles, as well as drivers that make it their mission to provide the kind of service you expect from a chauffeur service. In the same NYC Taxicab report, New Yorkers rated private car services, such as Luxor, above average – and above all other modes of transportation –in the following categories:

Fastest and most reliable mode of travel

Overall comfort of the trip

Personal Safety – during the day and after dark

Best value for money spent

It’s not too late! Reserve your NYE transportation with Luxor Limo here. No matter how you get to where you’re going, we want to wish you a safe and Happy New Year!

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