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NYC Fashion: Social Media Accounts You Should Be Following

Social media has made fashion easier and harder.

Easier, in that ideas and inspiration are everywhere, and fashion-forward bloggers can amass huge audiences. Harder, in that it’s hard to know where to start, with so many style gurus and so little time. So today we look at some of the best fashion social media accounts out there, to give you some motivation for your next shopping trip.

Style for Men

Let’s face it: some men (many men?) want to look good without thinking a great deal about it. In other words, they want to be told what to do.

It’s a shame, then, that more men aren't on Pinterest, because plenty of users have taken the time to assemble truly great repositories of men’s fashion tips. Like this board, which covers the right way to wear pretty much anything:

Follow Etienne Brunet's board Men's Fashion Tips on Pinterest.

Or this one, which offers some more specific fashion ideas: Follow Jose Victor Lopez's board Men's Fashion Tips on Pinterest. New York City has some formidable fashion bloggers, and men’s fashion is no different. Denny Balmaceda of Look Rich Shop Cheap has a lovingly curated Instagram feed which shows how to look sharp in just about anything:

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Style for Women

Obviously, when it comes to style inspiration, women are pretty well-served by NYC fashion bloggers, and we can only scratch the surface. Christine Bibbo Herr of NYC Pretty offers amazing style (and some jealousy-inducing travel pics) on Instagram:

Kelly Framel’s gorgeous webzine The Glamourai doesn’t have its own Pinterest board, but that doesn’t matter when you have dedicated pinners to do the work for you: Follow Bow Herzblut's board Blog - The Glamourai on Pinterest. And finally, the Style Line is a beautifully curated Tumblr of sketches, personal and décor inspiration: Best NYC Fashion Social Media Accounts to Follow For Buying NYC is home to plenty of vintage stores with high-end attitude that offer fashion inspiration and plenty of great finds. Awoke Vintage Brooklyn in Williamsburg keeps things interesting with a mix of product photos, gorgeous lifestyle photography, and the occasional photo of a poodle in a turtleneck sweater.

Then there's Beacon’s Closet, the Brooklyn vintage store so (in)famous for its ruthlessly selective purchasing that it got its own episode of Broad City. It has a suitably intimidating Instagram feed:

Although it’s worth remembering what vintage style really means:

Follow Jo Mills's board Vintage fashion on Pinterest.

Bloomingdales do an excellent job of curating a variety of fashion boards on Pinterest, like this one devoted entirely to denim:

Follow Bloomingdale's's board jeans and denim on Pinterest.

Finally, this incredible board by Barneys probably won’t help you with fashion inspiration, but it would be criminal not to show it to you:

If you’re in a shopping mood and you need some sustenance first, check out our guide to brunch spots in NYC. And if you don’t feel like carrying the bags home, reserve a limo with us.

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