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Personal Car Service for Women on Business

One of the largest growing segments of the business travel industry is women. Where once business travel was almost exclusively done by men, it is women who are joining the ranks of the frequent flyer elites. Women have concerns and preferences that differ from those of their male counterparts and are demanding a change in procedures to go with that.

One big concern for women travelers in unfamiliar territory is security. If your travel takes you to Greater New York City, give yourself the security and efficiency of a hired car and driver from Luxor Limousines. As one female exec said about her experience with Luxor: “Luxor's driver was prompt, courteous, price was right and I felt very safe. As a woman who travels occasionally alone this is important to me.”

Even if you do know NYC, running from appointment to appointment in the high heels that are considered part of a woman’s standard business attire can be doubly exhausting. A hired car and driver will relieve the stress and allow business to continue between appointments without wasting time and energy looking for a cab, walking, or taking public transit. For these reasons, the most productive decision a woman who knows her own worth can make is to hire a car and driver to take the extra worry and stress off her plate.

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