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Planning a Spring Wedding

Planning a wedding is always packed with tons of intricacies and minor details that cannot be overlooked. Lucky for you, Luxor Limo has compiled a list of the top specifics to remember when your big day is slated for the springtime.

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Book Early

Suppliers are often booked well in advance during this busy time for weddings, so be sure to reach out and select your favorites early (including the band!) so you won’t get your heart set on one and be disappointed later. Plus, most companies allow you to secure the date and hold the appointment with a small deposit in advance even if you’re still tweaking your color palate, venue, and other essential details – so reserve away!

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Find Your Flowers

Springtime is the best time for gorgeous blossoming flowers. Flowers are often a good place to start and also garner inspiration when you’re thinking about your theme colors. Allow spring to inspire you with the various florals popping up during this time, such as tulips, ranunculus, cherry blossoms, sweet peas, and peonies.

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Select an Indoor/Outdoor Venue

Be mindful of the weather since spring can be unpredictable. This is also important when you’re thinking about where to take your photographs. Remember: rain is considered to be a sign of good luck by several cultures, so if it does happen to drizzle, know that it’s still a good omen even if it’s not entirely ideal. However, booking an indoor/outdoor venue will dissuade this potential issue since you can move the party inside as needed.

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Choose Seasonal Fare

There are plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to choose from during the spring. From asparagus to arugula, the pairings are endless, so pick a variety of seasonal ingredients for your appetizers and main course dishes and add an optional protein like fish, chicken, and/or steak. You can also choose to use fruit as a dessert, such as chocolate dipped strawberries or French apple tarts.

Groomsman and bridesmaid attire


Select Spring Attire

It’s not quite hot enough for linen suits, but not cool enough for wool. Be sure to take advantage of breathable fabrics that are more lightweight suit for the groomsmen and a short or three-quarter sleeve for the bridesmaids. It’s also fun to choose festive pastels like mint, yellow, and pinks.

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