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Quick Tips for TSA and Airport Travel

Traveling can be either frustrating or an exciting experience depending on how you prepare. Instead of worrying about your vacation or business trip, make sure the beginning of your adventure goes smoothly beginning with an easy ride to the airport and ending in a relaxing getaway or stress-free presentation.

TSA Tips

-Get there early so there’s enough time to get your boarding pass, check your bags, get through security seamlessly, and have plenty of time to get situated before boarding your aircraft. TSA recommends getting to U.S. airports three hours prior to your international flights and two hours prior to your domestic flights.

-Print your boarding pass out prior to arriving to the airport. Some airlines offer expedited check in for your bags if you’ve already paid for it online and just need to drop it off. You can also go straight to security if you already have your boarding pass and ID.

-Pack your own bag so you don’t accidentally bring any prohibited items. If you’re detained by security, you may get selected to have your personal items swabbed or completely searched, which will slow down your route through security.

-Pack your liquids separately, including aerosols, gels, creams, and pastes. Placing these items in a sealed container will make it easier to separate them while going through security if you’re carrying on your bag, or to ensure that nothing will spill and muck up your other belongings if you’re checking your bag.

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Travel Tips

-Don’t get burned! Bring sunscreen (either check it in your luggage or carry on any sunscreen smaller than 3.4 ounces.)! Sunscreen is typically easy to purchase at your destination too depending on where you’re headed.

-Bring an empty bottle. You’re not allowed to bring more than 3.4 ounces of liquid through airport security, but you can bring an empty bottle and fill it up with water once you’re through security. Plus, bottled water at the airport can cost around $6! It’s important for both your wallet and the environment to bring your own bottle. Some airports are even beginning to install refill stations in the terminals, so you don’t have to search around for a water fountain.

-No fuss footwear. Unless you win the magic ticket of being expedited through security, you’ll have to remove your shoes. It’s important to wear footwear that is easy to slip off and comfortable. Perhaps more importantly, you’ll be slipping off your shoes and putting them into a bucket, so unless you want to walk through security barefoot, be sure to wear sneakers and socks or peds.

-Tag your bag with your contact information. In the rare case that your luggage is misplaced, they’ll be able to see your information and either locate or contact you via your bag tag. Also, be sure that the information you write is for your destination and not your departure address and/or phone number so they can meet you where you are, not where you were.

-Buy a TSA recognized lock. If for any reason TSA needs to open your luggage, they’re allowed to break or damage your lock in order to ensure your and others’ security. To prevent having to replace your lock, invest in a Safe Skies or Travel Sentry lock, which TSA is able to unlock and relock once they are through with their security check. In the event that they do check your bag, they will leave a slip of paper declaring that your bag was checked and secured for takeoff.

Whether you’re arriving or departing, be sure to book a ride with Luxor for a stress-free journey to or from your destination. Bon voyage!

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