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Rihanna Diamonds Tour Comes to Brooklyn

Pop superstar Rihanna is doing two shows at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn on May 4 & 5 at 8pm. Rihanna has been breaking records with one hit after another. When Stay hit number one she became the first singer ever to have 10 pop songs top the Billboard charts. The twenty-five year old singer just got back from Hawaii where she posted party pictures including a shot with Chris Brown popping a bottle of champagne to start the party.

Not a bad idea for your Rihanna night out, with your own limo ride to the concert and home. While the driver keeps his eye on the road, you can start on the champagne and dance your way to the show. If you opt for the Barclays VIP package, you get the added bonus of premium seats, an onsite VIP host, and a party on site before the show. And after the concert ends, you can keep your own party going all the way home again.

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