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Shuttle Vs. Hired Car - Don’t waste your time

If you’re flying out of town and usually book a shuttle to the airport, take a minute to consider hiring a private car instead to drive you there and back. On the surface, an airport shuttle is much cheaper, coming in at about 1/3 the cost of private car and driver airport transportation. If you’re traveling with someone else, the price of the shuttle doubles but the hired car remains the same. Now it’s only a difference of 1/3 the cost.

That’s where the time factor comes in. Your time. A shuttle has to coordinate the pickups or dropoffs of up to 11 people at as many as 11 different addresses. The arrival time at the airport depends on the earliest departure among the passengers. Sometimes you spend hours of extra time in the van driving around and you might have another extra hour to kill in the terminal.

Taking a shuttle can double your travel time wit all the tedium of waiting and the circulation-killing sitting around. You arrive twice as tired at your destination as you would have if you had gotten quickly and efficiently to and from the airport in on a schedule set to maximize your time.

A shuttle is not only longer, it is not a place you can conduct business or, if you are traveling with others, enjoy relaxed and open conversation. The social contract means you must make your impact on others small. You can lose yourself in your email, but you can’t talk to a client. Joking around with your friends might interfere with another person’s desire for quiet. Or you might be the one wanting some quiet while your fellow passengers continue their vacation party all the way from the terminal to their door.

When you consider your time, your comfort, and your energy, it becomes clear that the best transportation to or from the airport is in a hired car that picks you up at your door and takes you directly to your terminal with a minimum of time and a maximum of ease. Next time you fly in or out of Greater NYC, book a car and driver with Luxor Limousines and see what a difference it makes in the quality of your whole trip.

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