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The Best Areas for Hiking Around NYC

When you think of activities in New York City, hiking trails don’t often come to mind. But it wouldn’t be the Big Apple if it didn’t have something for everyone, including several peaceful escapes from the hustle and bustle of city life.

When you need to get away and experience Mother Nature in all its glory, here are a few great options for NYC hiking areas to choose from.

luxor limo best hiking trails around nyc breakneck ridge

Breakneck Ridge

Considered a challenge by even the most seasoned hikers, Breakneck Ridge makes the effort worthwhile by providing panoramic views of the Hudson River, Storm King Mountain and Bannerman's Castle on Pollopel Island. With over 5 miles of hiking trails, including a 3.7-mile loop that takes about 3 hours at an average pace, Breakneck Ridge is perfect for anyone wanting to push themselves for the big payoff.

luxor limo best hiking trails around nyc appalachian trail

Appalachian Trail

Stretching nearly 2,200 miles from Springer Mountain in Georgia to Mount Katahdin in Maine, the Appalachian Trail is probably the most well-known (and well-loved) trail in the New York area. Located about 1-1/2 hours from NYC, the trail immediately surrounds you with picturesque views, local wildlife and plenty of hiking options. If you’re looking for a particularly beautiful spot, start your trek at the Anthony’s Nose trailhead for a spectacular view of the Bear Mountain Bridge.

luxor limo best hiking trails around nyc buttermilk falls

Buttermilk Falls Trail

If it’s good enough for former U.S. President Teddy Roosevelt, who considered it a favorite hiking trail, you’ll definitely enjoy the Buttermilk Falls Trail. Along with being near the Appalachian Trail in terms of distance, Buttermilk Falls offers an engaging mix of Chestnut Oak, Red Oak, White Oak, Maple, and other foliage to turn any hiking trip into a photo opportunity – especially during the fall. You may even catch a painter or two in their element, as it’s a popular spot for creating jaw-dropping landscape and wildlife paintings.

luxor limo best hiking trails around nyc arden point and glenclyffe

Arden Point and Glenclyffe

When convenience is a must, a short trip on the Metro North will take you to Garrison, where you can step off the railway and hit the Arden Point and Glenclyffe trail in a matter of minutes. Once you’re on the trail, the 3.7-mile circuit should take you roughly 2.5 hours to complete at a steady pace. But if you’re like most people, you’ll want to take in all the area offers. From rustic bridges and awe-inspiring overlooks to serene landscapes that seem to go on forever, Arden Point and Glenclyffe is the ideal spot for a quick hiking getaway.

luxor limo best hiking trails around nyc bronx river forest trail

Bronx River Forest Trail

Speaking of convenience, few hiking trails in NYC are as beautiful and accessible as the Bronx River Forest Trail, which was updated recently after going through an extensive restoration project. Located right in the heart of the borough, the Bronx River Forest Trail offers several points of interest for the view-seeking hiker. Whether it’s Burke Bridge’s perspective on the Bronx River’s wildlife, the River Lookout’s view of the floodplain forest and river, or the man-made Island Lookout that accommodates the Bronx River Parkway, you can make the most of each unique vantage point without ever really leaving home.

luxor limo best hiking trails around nyc palisades interstate park

Palisades Interstate Park

Another close-to-home option for hiking enthusiasts is the little-known Palisades Interstate Park, which is located on the western shore of the Hudson River in New Jersey. While most New Yorkers only view the area from the outside, it may be the area’s best-kept secret in terms of local scenery. With over 2,500 acres of sweeping Hudson River shorefront views, riverfront picnic areas and a nature sanctuary, a hike at Palisades Interstate Park is hard to pass up, especially once you realize it’s only a 30-minute trip from Manhattan.

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