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The Best Places to Attend Friendsgiving in NYC

The Thanksgiving holiday is a special time of year, when friends, family, coworkers and loved ones gather for a delicious feast and some much-needed socializing. But while some New Yorkers will be traveling around the country to celebrate the occasion with family, others will be starting a new Friendsgiving tradition in New York City.

If you’re looking for somewhere to observe the holiday without the cooking and cleanup, here are some superb destinations for this year’s Friendsgiving event.

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Narcissa, which is located inside the East Village’s highly-rated Standard Hotel, is a Michelin-star restaurant that serves a delicious three-course meal on Thanksgiving Day. It’s perfect for anyone who’s ready to celebrate the occasion without worrying about the quality of the menu – meaning you can spend more of your energy on socializing and enjoying the holiday get together.

For those looking to sample non-traditional Thanksgiving fare, Narcissa offers trout with chanterelles as a secondary entrée option. But the real prize is found in the chef’s signature Carrot Wellington, which is a favorite of Narcissa patrons, mainly due to its blend of bluefoot mushrooms, sunchokes and gremolata that are tastefully nestled in the restaurant’s scrumptious homemade pastry.

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Whether you’re dining in or getting your Friendsgiving meal to go, Houseman will prepare a four-course feast that features slow-poached turkey breast, gribenes salad and triple jus American long grain rice among other tasty menu items. For those who do dine in, the restaurant offers seating for up to 20 members of your group, and you can attend any time between 1:30 and 8 pm.

One of the things that sets Houseman apart, other than its delectable Friendsgiving menu, is a friendly game of touch football that takes place in front of the restaurant. This means that anyone who’s missing out on the yearly tradition can take full advantage of this seasonal pastime, and work up an appetite for their apple and parsnip pie for dessert.

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Le Coq Rico

When it comes to four-course Friendsgiving menus, Manhattan’s Le Coq Rico delivers the high-end dining experience many New Yorkers will be searching for this year, especially if you’re interested in bucking the Thanksgiving turkey trend. While the restaurant does make its appetizing turkey available, it’s worth trying out their indulgent duck foie gras to add some variety to the occasion.

Yet, turkey lovers will be delighted to know that Le Coq Rico’s turkey is nothing to take lightly. Not only are these birds raised by fourth-generation farmers in Kansas before they head to the restaurant, each one is presented in all its roasted glory, and stuffed with a well-thought-out selection of herbs and other scrumptious accoutrements.

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Épicerie Boulud

Friendsgiving in NYC doesn’t always involve meeting up with friends and loved ones at a local restaurant. In fact, many New Yorkers plan their Friendsgiving festivities at someone’s home, bringing along a catered feast to make it feel like a true Thanksgiving experience.

If this is your idea of the perfect Friendsgiving, you’ll definitely want to consider picking up your meal at Épicerie Boulud to elevate the special occasion. The market and café offers fully-prepared, house-made meals for up to 10 guests, or you can pick and choose your Friendsgiving favorites among their ample selection of sides, appetizers and desserts. Be sure to try their chocolate pecan pie for a new twist on an old favorite.

Make your Friendsgiving get together something to remember by having each of your guests picked up in one of our stunning specialty vehicles, which can seat up to 56 guests comfortably. We’ll make sure everyone arrives to the Friendsgiving feast on time, and let you rest easy on the way home after your meal.

Book your ride now so you can enjoy the festivities in style and safety. And be sure to sign up for our mailing list on the top right of our homepage for more fun things to do in NYC!

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