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The Best Places to See NYC’s Fall Foliage

Every season in New York City has its appeal. Whether it’s sunny summer days, flowers blossoming in the spring, newly fallen snow during the winter or the stunning colors of autumn in the fall. But for many New York residents, the fall months are a favorite time of year, as leaves turn into a palette of rustic browns, bold reds and buttery yellows.

If you’re someone who appreciates all things fall-related, now is a great time to gather your family and friends and head out to these prime locations for a picturesque view of the fall foliage.

luxor limo new york city fall foliage bear mountain state park

Bear Mountain State Park

Bear Mountain State Park is only an hour’s drive outside of Manhattan, with most of the trip taking place along the Hudson River, where you’ll get an early taste of fall before diving in to the park’s full autumn landscape. With over 5,000 acres to explore and countless spots for midday picnicking, the park is a favorite destination of NYC foliage seekers and wildlife enthusiasts as well. Additionally, among the activities available at the park are the Trailside Museum and Zoo, the Perkins Memorial Tower and a playground for the little ones if they happen to be tagging along for the ride.

luxor limo new york city fall foliage the hamptons

The Hamptons

While there are plenty of places to view the fall foliage on Long Island, probably the best spot is found on the far east end of Long Island in Montauk. In particular, the Montauk Point Lighthouse serves as the ideal vantage point for oceanside foliage, and pairs nicely with a visit to the historic lighthouse itself. Another option is making it a day for boutique shopping and sightseeing with friends, or even a visit to one of the local fall festivals coupled with a relaxing ride back to the city through the more scenic parts of Long Island.

luxor limo new york city fall foliage cruise

NYC Fall Foliage Cruise

If romance is on your mind, there are several boating excursions that offer views of the trees and vegetation lining the Hudson River. To make your special date even more perfect, Luxor can transport you to the docks prior to setting sail, and wait for you to finish the 2+-hour adventure before whisking you away to another romantic NYC hotspot. If you haven’t noticed already, the Hudson Valley is already rich with color, and it won’t be long until these fall shades make way for winter. This means that New York residents only have a short time to make the trip and take in all stunning fall landscapes along the Hudson.

luxor limo new york city fall foliage empire state building

Autumn in NYC

If you’re too busy to leave the city but still want to enjoy an autumn experience, New York City offers numerous high vantage points for absorbing all that fall has to offer. Whether you’re standing atop the Empire State Building or the One World Observatory, catching a view of foliage from either of these locations will surely inspire a healthy photography session – or at the very least, a moment to revel in the true beauty of The Big Apple in the fall. The views from above are already breathtaking, but when you factor in the pastoral exquisiteness of autumn, you’ll quickly see that the time and the effort are worth it.

Gather your family and friends and enjoy the spectacular views of New York City in the fall from the back of one of our comfortable and stylish Luxor Limo vehicles. We’ll take you anywhere you want to go in the tri-state area, and you’ll get high-class treatment at every stage of your journey.

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