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The Invisible Chauffeur

Most people don’t really notice their driver when they hire a car. And not being noticed takes a professional. That may sound backward, but think about it. Your chauffeur shows up wearing a t-shirt. You’d notice that. Or you tell him where you want to go and he doesn’t understand you correctly because English isn't a language he speaks very well. If at all. You’d notice that. Or your driver shows up late. Or gets lost. Or swerves and brakes so violently you cannot relax. You notice everything that goes wrong, everything that stands out. But to show up dressed in a black suit, to be pleasant without being familiar, to be able to communicate easily, drive smoothly, to show up when and where you wish, these things all require skill. When you hire a car from Luxor Limo, you get more than a car. You get a professional chauffeur who makes your passage to and from your destination seem effortless.

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