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The Perfect Night - Staten Island

The “forgotten borough” is not to be overlooked when going out for a night on the town. We’ve assembled the ideal evening, with each venue only a short ride away.

Old-School Apéritifs at Liedy’s Shore Inn

For a journey back in time, visit what is billed as “New York’s oldest tavern,” founded in 1905. When there isn’t live music playing, patrons are invited to make use of the well-stocked jukebox. The friendly atmosphere, fair prices, and unassuming décor (think an oak bar and pressed-tin ceiling) only add to the venue’s authenticity.

The Main Course at Bayou

Sit down for dinner at this award-winning Cajun-style restaurant and you’ll swear you were in New Orleans. Seafood steals the show, with beer-simmered mussels, sautéed crawfish, and jambalaya. Festive Mardi-Gras décor enlivens the experience.

Late-Night Treats at Gatsby’s on the Bay

Situated right on the water, Gatsby’s offers a romantic after-dinner treat for those with a sweet tooth. Crème brûlée, a fondue of chocolate with fresh fruit, and “Daisy’s Favorite” (named for the female lead in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, with chocolate and vanilla ice cream) have all been featured on the menu.

Get Moving at Above Rooftop

When dessert is done, take a quick ride to this after-hours spot and start dancing. An excellent sound system and trendy modern furnishings create the scene at Above, where the eponymous rooftop is opened up when the weather is accommodating.

Keep Grooving (and Sing Your Heart Out) at Drunken Monkey Bar & Grill

Karaoke, a live d.j., and more dancing at this exotically themed hot spot make for the perfect nightcap. Leopard print, bamboo, and murals of chimpanzees contribute to the décor, and themed cocktails drive home the jungle motif. Try the specialty tall beer with a shot of banana liquor.

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