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The Royal Treatmen

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have produced an heir to the British Crown, a future king. The whole idea of royalty is a bit muddy for Americans, but we do have some idea of what the "royal treatment” means. Basically, being royal means you don’t have to compete for goods and services. No elbowing your way to the curb for a taxi or waiting in lines to be served. Your comings and goings are smoothed over, and small annoyances are handled by others. You are free to be focus on what’s important to you.

Sometimes the royal treatment comes with a huge price tag if you are not actually royalty. Private jets and 100-foot yachts are out of reach for most people. If you can’t hire someone to cook your meals and take out the garbage, you’re never going to feel like a duke or duchess while at home. However, when you travel, you leave the daily chores behind. You could be anybody on the road. The trick is thinking royally. Get others to handle the grind of your trip so that you are free to simply enjoy yourself.

Rule number one, hire a car and driver. It doesn’t have to be a limo unless you have a large group. A sleek, late-model car with leather interior with you in the back relaxing goes a long way toward waking up your inner aristocrat. The driver will get you where you want to go, whether to and from the airport or around town. The door is opened for you, an umbrella is held for you if it’s raining. You have only to walk out of a building to step into your car in a seamless transition. That one small change, hiring a car and driver, can transform your experience of a city and help your vacation revitalize you and your whole party.

If you do one thing on your next trip to maximize your vacation enjoyment, contact a professional limo service like Luxor Limousines and give yourself the royal treatment.

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