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The Top Boutiques & Antique Shops in Upstate New York

You’ve been to all the boutiques and antique shops in New York City, but maybe you’re not sure where to head next for that unique or rare item for your wardrobe or collection. As experts on all things New York, the team at Luxor Limo have put together a list of the top boutiques and antique shops within a short driving distance. And these places have it all.

luxor limo top boutiques in upstate new york vintage beacon

Vintage Beacon

Former Manhattanite stylist, Angela Hastings, moved to Beacon soon after visiting the city, opening the Vintage Beacon boutique in September of 2012. By focusing on premium fabrics and hand-picked designs, Vintage Beacon has grown its clientele across the U.S. in just a few years. The boutique features regular consigners who meet Ms. Hastings’ stringent style requirements, as well as name brands at consignment prices. If you’re searching for a balance of vintage and modern approaches to fashion, Vintage Beacon makes for a supreme boutique shopping experience.

luxor limo top boutiques in upstate new york beacon flea market

Beacon Flea Market

Flea markets don’t always deliver when it comes to valuable or sought-after wares. However, the Beacon Flea Market prides itself on attracting the kinds of vendors even the most discerning treasure hunters will enjoy. From vintage collectibles and antique rarities to a wide range of local, handmade products, the Beacon Flea Market presents an unusually concentrated spectrum of both high-end and unique merchandise. While the site is only open on Sundays from April through mid-November, it’s certainly worth making the trip.

luxor limo top boutiques in upstate new york elizabeth boutique

Elizabeth Boutique

Perched on a street corner in the town of Poughkeepsie, Elizabeth Boutique has set up shop inside a beautifully styled home near the Vassar College campus. Designed solely around women’s clothing and accessories, the boutique has grown considerably since its opening, and has even been named as the “Best Boutique in Hudson Valley” several years running. What makes this boutique special? Beyond the selection of quality items, every customer who walks in the door receives a curated experience from EB staff. It’s about offering the kind of service and style recommendations you would get from your own personal stylist. And if you want a sneak peek at what they offer, you can visit their website beforehand to get a sense of their aesthetic.

luxor limo top boutiques in upstate new york big flower

Big Flower

If you’d prefer to head east for clothing and accessory shopping, Big Flower in East Hampton offers a unique perspective on upscale fashion for the entire family. Originally founded as a men’s clothing store, Big Flower has expanded its inventory to include items that appeal to both women and kids as well. When you need an outfit for a special event, casual clothing for a summer retreat, or you’re looking to add a Hampton-esque ambiance to your wardrobe, Big Flower is a great choice. In speaking of his selection, Big Flower founder and designer Greg Ammon says, “We designed a brand where people, no matter where they are or where they may be, can get a feel for a weekend in The Hamptons, every day, all year round.”

luxor limo top boutiques in upstate new york zaborski emporium

Zaborski Emporium

Rather than trekking through aisle after aisle of modern and faux vintage products at your big box hardware store, make a quick trip to Kingston for a visit to Zaborski Emporium instead. Self-described as a collector and curator of architectural salvage pieces and collectibles, Zaborski Emporium houses a wealth of plumbing, kitchen, and bathroom fixtures, along with furniture, hardware and appliances in its giant, multi-floored warehouse. So, the next time you’re preparing your home for a unique upgrade with hard-to-find items, a visit to this emporium may be the ticket to building your ideal space.

Don’t let traffic or the inconvenience of driving get in the way of your perfect shopping trip to upstate New York. Let Luxor Limo help you enjoy the adventure from the back of one of our stunning vehicles. We’ll get you to your destination in safety and style, and you can even enjoy the picturesque surroundings along the way. Make your plans, then book a ride with us for the perfect shopping daytrip.

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