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Top Airports in the World

Joe Biden once said that LGA looks like a “third-world country.” So, Joe, where are the first-rate airports in the world? Well, the man was quite right in pointing out that LGA lacks fancy amenities like these airports below. Hop over to LGA, JFK, or EWR and get a one way ticket to these ornately decorated top airports that have relaxing and astonishing amenities for you to enjoy.

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Incheon International Airport – South Korea

Designed by architect Curtis Fentress, who also designed the Denver International Airport, Incheon is an intricate nod to the gorgeous ancient landmarks found throughout the country. The stunning roofline mimics the surrounding Korean temples, and precious artifacts are intermittently placed throughout the various terminals. Aside from the gorgeous architecture, there’s no shortage of activities in Incheon, which contains a golf course, spa (with free showers), an ice skating rink, casino, cultural museum, indoor garden, and several lavish retail shops, such as Louis Vuitton and Burberry.

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London Heathrow Airport – England

The designer of this airport, Sir Frederick Gibberd, took the old runways and crafted new runways to shape a hexagon that is visible from way up in the sky when you land or are taking off, which is exciting since this airport is so popular that an airplane takes off here every 45 seconds. Of course, Heathrow is a top airport in the world for its popularity, but it also contains a long list of amenities, including a champagne bar, game room, spa for manicures and massages, and cafes with live music.

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Changi International Airport – Singapore

It doesn’t get much better than an on-site movie theater, kid’s playground complete with a four-story slide, and a five-story vertical garden and four waterfalls, affectionately known as “The Green Wall,” which spans nearly 1,000 feet across the main building. The most notable feature of this airport though is undoubtedly the butterfly roof with 919 skylights and reflector panels that automatically adjust to let the perfect amount of daylight in. In the evening, the skylight glows with lighting that carefully conceals the panels. Naturally, the favorite amenity at this airport is their rooftop pool, and rightfully so.

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Munich International Airport – Germany

Known to be the home of several incredibly entertaining events, this airport certainly reflects the culture and spirit of Germany’s very own Oktoberfest. With an Audi car showroom, a microbrewery, an in-house art gallery, and an indoor wave pool, this airport is a constant party in between arrivals and departures. If that’s not enough, there’s also free 24/7 Wi-Fi, a quiet VIP airport lounge for business matters, a large kid’s playground, and a full pharmacy for your best health while you travel.

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