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Unexpected Romantic Gestures for Your Valentine

What’s better than a gift? An unexpected gift! Surprise your sweetheart with one of these thoughtful suggestions. Write them a sweet note, hop into a limo and cruise towards dinner, or send them a surprise. The best part about attentive gifts is that they don’t need to be elaborate or even expensive – it just needs to say that you were thinking of them and took the time to create a gift or experience that you knew would matter to them.

1) Have fun with a great pun. Grab a banana and write “I’m bananas for you” or “Let’s never split” (or get two and write them both!) in sharpie on the banana. Or fill a mason jar with peanuts and append a note that says, “I’m nuts for you.” It’s quirky, cute, and sure to be a hit with your valentine.

2) Send them flowers, chocolate, and/or a card at work. Not only will it be a fun surprise for them to receive, but it’ll make you look like an awesome significant other. Plus, they’ll be able to brag and gush about how amazing you are for the rest of the day while toting around your gift.

3) Put a super cute love note in their pocket. Write down one of your favorite memories of your time together or write lyrics from a meaningful song that you both know and cherish. Write your nickname for them or write a haiku about them. Write about how happy you are to be sharing your life with them right now. Write away!

4) Stay in for a cozy night of R&R. Rent the movie you saw on your first date, a flick you’ve both wanted to see for a while, or one of your old favorites. Make their favorite dishes, drink their favorite wine, butter up some popcorn, and snuggle for a cozy, intimate night together.

Red, pink and white heart candies

5) Set your alarm clock 5 minutes earlier than usual and set it to your song – you know, the song that played on the radio during your first date, or the song you set as their ringtone. Hold them closely and listen to your song, sing together, and take this moment to appreciate all of the other ones that you’ve spent together.

6) Clear out a drawer for their stuff. It’ll make them feel like not only do they have space in your life, but in your place too. It’ll also help them feel welcome in your home, and as though a little piece of it belongs to them. Plus, it’s a great next step in your relationship, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to celebrate.

7) Build-A-Bear for your valentine so they’ll always have someone to cuddle with – even if you’re not around. Dress the bear like you and fill it with a ton of hearts to represent how much you love your partner. Plus, you can name the bear and attach a candy-scented heart as a special Valentine’s Day bonus.

8) Write down 20 quotes that make you think of your valentine. Whether the quotes are silly, lovey-dovey, or plain cheesy, find a creative way to tie them back to your relationship and the moments you’ve spent together. Write a simple sentence under each one detailing why it made you think of them. It’ll make a beautiful memento that they can keep in a shoebox forever.

9) Be romantic from A – Z. Write down each letter of the alphabet and an object that begins with each letter that makes you think about them. For example, if your first date was at a movie theater, write that next to “M.” If their favorite food is spaghetti, write that next to “S,” and so forth. It’ll be a beautifully intricate list of how well you know them.

10) Recreate your first date! Did you go to a random diner at 4 a.m., or did you meticulously plan a sit-down meal at a fancy restaurant? Did you accidentally order the same thing, or mispronounce the main dish? Retrace your steps back to that moment and recreate that extraordinary night when you first knew you wanted to be together.

Use this Valentine’s Day to celebrate finding each other and really relish your time together. Take a limo to a romantic restaurant and split your favorite wine, set up an elaborate picnic, or simply profess your love in an extravagant manner. Remember: the best part of Valentine’s Day isn’t spending a ton of money; it’s having someone by your side at all times, someone on your team, someone who loves you unconditionally, and someone whom you’re proud to call your valentine.

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