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What Do Limos Have to Offer?

People in the New York metro area have plenty of options to get around. One of the busiest subway systems in the world. 307 bus routes. A huge taxi fleet, with 13,347 yellow taxi medallions on issue in 2014 (and even more boro taxis). More recently, rideshare services have sprung up, becoming enormously popular.

All these options raise the question: what do limos have to offer?

What Do Limos Have to Offer?The short answer: limos—and especially Luxor—compete on quality. Limos are not the solution for every transportation problem (much as we hate to admit it), but whenever quality is the most important consideration in getting around, we strive to be the best choice.


One of the most important aspects of quality is reliability.

People have can have good or bad experiences on any form of transport. If you’re just looking for an easy way to get from A to B, it might not matter so much whether you have a bad experience on any one trip.

But at times when you want to be sure you have a great experience, you do need to think more carefully about who your transport provider is. That’s why limos are associated with big events in people’s lives, like weddings and proms. Airport transportation is another key part of our offering, because getting to the airport on time is one of the big stresses of travel.

There’s the question of whether your ride will turn up on time. Luxor offers an on-time guarantee for advance reservations: if your car is more than 15 minutes late, your ride is free (with some conditions). We don’t do that to give out free rides—we do it to signal our ironclad commitment to reliability.

Then there’s the reliability of the fleet. Commercial vehicles are on the road for long periods of time and see a lot of wear and tear. If they’re not properly maintained, they can and do break down. Luxor has a very young fleet of cars and limousines, which is maintained with great care.


Service in transportation means a lot more than having a polite driver.

Knowledge of New York City and its roads is very important. A good driver will actually know where you’re going and the best way to get there. As New Yorkers will know only too well, you can’t take that knowledge for granted when getting a ride. New York is a big city, and many drivers don’t know it too well, especially outside Manhattan.

Service also means safe, non-aggressive, non-terrifying driving. And it means the willingness to do a bit extra—offer a little extra help, or courtesy, or even style, to a journey.

What distinguishes Luxor’s service is its investment in people. Luxor’s drivers are full-time employees. That’s fairly unusual in the industry, but we employ drivers because we believe our customers benefit when we recruit and retain the best people. Because we take a higher degree of responsibility for our drivers, we can also ensure a reliably higher standard of service.


To be realistic: limousines are often a more expensive option than other modes of transport. One thing you do get, however, is reliability of pricing—there are no meters and no fluctuating demand-based pricing.

Hopefully, it should be clear that you get great value from a good limousine company, from quality vehicles to reliable, first-class service. Luxor is not trying to be all things to all passengers. But we aim to be your first choice when you want to be sure of having a great experience with all the best creature comforts.

You can reserve with us quickly and easily online.

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