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Five Bronx Sites Great for Family Gatherings

Get your family together for an event in the Bronx that will create memories and be shared for generations.
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Five Staten Island Destinations to Reward your Employees

Finding the perfect spot to reward your employees or colleagues for completing a large project can build team morale and instill a sense of camaraderie in the workplace.
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Five Brooklyn Dating Hot Spots

We’re all looking for places to visit that will impress someone on a first date or bring some fun into our current relationship.
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The Five Borough Tour: Part Two

Discover a side of New York City that doesn't feel like a sight-seeing tour. By planning a day around some of the city’s hot spots, delivered in the sophisticated appeal of a stretch limousine, you can view New York as it’s intended to be seen. Take a look at some of our suggestions below.
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The Five Borough Tour

Imagine a day out on the town with your friends. But instead of taking the subway around Manhattan, you cruise through the five boroughs in stretch limo. Champagne in hand, you can site-see or settle in at some of our favorite spots. Below are a few recommendations for stops along the way, but you can make the experience whatever you want it to be.
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Five Hot Spots for Entertaining Clients

When taking an important client out for a night on the town, the destination is as important as the transportation.
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7 Reasons You Didn't Know You Needed A Limo

Whether they are scheduling an important business meeting with a client or a personal celebration with a loved one, people in the New York City area can rely on limousine service to enhance their big day or memorable evening. This post covers seven reasons why people in New York City need limo service to make the most of their experience.
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The Royal Treatment

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have produced an heir to the British Crown, a future king.  The whole idea of royalty is a bit muddy for Americans, but we do have some idea of what the "royal treatment” means.  Basically, being royal means you don’t have to compete for goods and services. No elbowing your way to the curb for a taxi or waiting in lines to be served. Your comings and goings are smoothed over, and small annoyances are handled by others. You are free to be focus on what’s important to you.

Sometimes the royal treatment comes with a huge price tag if you are not actually royalty.  Private jets and 100-foot yachts are out of reach for most people. If you can’t hire someone to cook your meals and take out the garbage, you’re never going to feel like a duke or duchess while at home.  However, when you travel, you leave the daily chores behind. You could be anybody on the road.  The trick is thinking royally.  Get others to handle the grind of your trip so that you are free to simply enjoy yourself.

Rule number one, hire a car and driver.  It doesn’t have to be a limo unless you have a large group.  A sleek, late-model car with leather interior with you in the back relaxing goes a long way toward waking up your inner aristocrat. The driver will get you where you want to go, whether to and from the airport or around town.  The door is opened for you, an umbrella is held for you if it’s raining. You have only to walk out of a building to step into your car in a seamless transition.  That one small change, hiring a car and driver, can transform your experience of a city and help your vacation revitalize you and your whole party.

If you do one thing on your next trip to maximize your vacation enjoyment, contact a professional limo service like Luxor Limousines and give yourself the royal treatment.
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August Concerts for a Hot Summer Night Around Town

Grab your crew, pile into a limo, and head for a night of music magic at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Ever since the completion of Barclays Center this year, the music has been rocking at this new and amazing arena.  Sold out shows continue to bring the most amazing performances to thrill the audience of 19,000 that fill the arena. August promises even more unparalleled entertainment with Justin Bieber, Beyoncé, and the MTV Video Music Awards.

All Barclays Center shows offer special VIP packages for special perks and access.  Don’t miss out on the magic.

Justin Bieber August 2 7pm
Justin Bieber’s sold out BELIEVE world tour added more shows to his headlining tour of North America.  Fans looking to share in the fever can see him Bieber at Barclays Center Brooklyn on August 2.  A dollar from every ticket will be donated to the Pencils of Promise charity building schools around the world for needy kids

Beyoncé August 3-5 8pm
Beyoncé brings the first wave of her new, ambitious show, The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, to Barclays for 3 shows in August running Saturday the 3rd through Monday the 5th. Beyoncé’s last tour ranked $1 on Billboard’s Hot Tour Chart and this one promises to even bigger and more ambitions than anything she’s done.

MTV Video Music Awards August 25
The MTV Video Music Awards will broadcast LIVE from Barclays Center for the first time on Sunday, August 25. This is the first time a major annual awards show will be hosted in Brooklyn and the world will be watching.  This is a chance to share the excitement with all the top musical performers of 2013 and to celebrate everything great in music today.

Rackets or Bats?  August in Flushing Meadows

The 2013 US Open begins August 26 in Billie Jean King Stadium and runs through September 9.  At the beginning and end of the Open, the Mets will be playing home games in their stadium around the corner.  If you’re planning on enjoying your day, don’t bookend your enjoyment with the frustration of dealing with impossible traffic and worse parking.  Make you day by hiring a car and driver to handle the stress and confusion, while you enjoy the ride as well as the sports with your friends.  Hiring a car, limo, or van that can serve any size group you bring can be surprisingly cost-effective.  Make the right call so that everyone scores some fun.
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Surviving the Summer Heat in NYC

Daniel restaurant in NYCSummer in New York City can be unbearable.  It’s hot and it’s humid and you feel like you’re cooking in a steamer whenever you’re out on the street.  Part of this is geography. Most Northeast cities suffer muggy, “dog days” in summer.  They share not only humidity but frequent severe thunderstorms that pelt the streets with water yet never seem to take the humid blanket of air with them when they pass.  At those times, you’re not only hot and humid, but you’re weighted down with dripping raincoats, rain hats, and umbrellas.

Then there’s something called the “urban heat island effect” which just is a fancy phrase for what you’d expect to happen if you covered green grass and trees with asphalt, concrete, and brick.  These not only collect more heat, they save it and continue baking like a brick oven after the sun goes down.

Finally, add the press of other humans, all trying to radiate away their own body heat, and you’ve got a pretty uncomfortable set of conditions. A day that the thermometer says is a hot-but-pleasant 85 degrees feels like it’s well over 100. The heat and humidity can take the spring out of your step and make your brain feel like a bowl of yesterday’s oatmeal.

Since the invention of air conditioning has made life much more pleasant, we can mostly ignore the weather when making plans for business or pleasure.  Yet folks who wouldn’t dream of staying in a hotel or renting a car without A/C travel to places like New York without really picturing themselves getting from place to place.  Since you’re not likely to drive yourself around the NYC, you’ll need transportation.  Most people figure they will just take a cab when they need one, not thinking that if the weather takes a miserable turn, everybody will suddenly be wanting a cab, even folks who usually walk or at least hoof it to the subway. In a sudden squall or during a brutal heat wave, cabs are hard to come by. Standing on the sidewalk at those times makes New York seem more like Purgatory than a mecca for business, culture and travel.

And when you finally do get a cab, it's A/C may not be working.The city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission has regulations requiring yellow cabs to be able to provide air-conditioning, but, according to the New York Times, that depends “more on luck than any rules.”

If you have to move around in the city all day on business or shopping, consider hiring a car and driver to make your goings and comings seamless with the rest of your air-conditioned life.  There’s no reason to suffer and all sorts of reasons why going from point A to point B should be relaxing and revitalizing instead of exhausting.  The same goes for a night out, where if anything the temperature and humidity go up even as the sun goes down thanks to the urban heat island effect.

If you value saving, think of saving yourself from fatigue, from sweat, from uncertainty, and from overheated discomfort.  Hire a car and driver to transform your New York City business and travel into one smooth ride.

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